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GETDOT’s Eric Rine Offers Blood, Sweat and Beers

One of GETDOT’s finest has put his own blood, sweat and beers toward a worthy cause. And he needs your support for two big events next month.

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A-List Introductions Gets A-List Coverage

Nicci Sprouse was given quite the spotlight recently.

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In Their Own Words: Job-Seekers

People flock to GETDOT for a variety of reasons.

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Featured Member: Chris Ray

When attending your next GETDOT event, be sure to introduce yourself to Chris Ray. He would love to chat with you.

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Ken Lazar

Featured Member: Ken Lazar

Ken Lazar wants to put you to work. After all, that’s what he does for a living.

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Featured Member – Chris McGovern

Chris McGovern is a very special member of GETDOT – he was the first to sign on after the founders!

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Featured Member – Dennis Hetzel

By day, Dennis Hetzel is executive director of the Ohio Newspaper Association. But that’s not all — he’s president of the Ohio Coalition for Open Government.

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Singling Out Nicci Sprouse

Nicci Sprouse is all about introductions.

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Featured Member – Adam Koos

When Scott Boles approached Adam Koos and told him of a little group he was co-founding called “Good Excuse to Drink on Thursdays,” Koos didn’t need to hear much more.

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George Kademenos – There from the Beginning

George Kademenos has been there from the beginning.

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