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It’s with a heavy heart that Scott and I (Chip) have decided to close the book on our beloved GETDOT Networking Group. We’ve had a wonderful 17-year run, and through all those years GETDOT built a wonderful membership, connected many to great resources and employment, everyone developed business partnerships, made lots of friends, and due to our wonderful membership, donors and sponsors, raised over $158,000 for local children’s charities! We are eternally grateful to everyone who supported us and served on the Board through all the years. We couldn’t have done it without you!

But, with GETDOT winding down, a NEW Chapter is going to begin. Eric Rine, Brooke Georgiton and some of the GETDOT Board are starting the Arch City Engagements Networking Group, better known as ACE. They have a fantastic tagline, Happy Hour Networking That Matters! Absolutely brilliant! As GETDOT “retires”, we’re fully endorsing Arch City Engagements (ACE) and we encourage everyone on all of GETDOT’s social media outlets to join/like this Group! Scott and I will be in attendance at everything they do and will continue to support their networking efforts!

To officially wind GETDOT down and to kickoff ACE, we’re going to hold a VIP event on Thursday, October 10th, and ONE MORE GETDOT CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA on Thursday, December 5th. More details will follow on our social media outlets, but make sure you get these dates on your calendar so we can officially retire GETDOT, transition things to ACE and kickoff the next generation of networking!

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