10 Networking Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

dumb-networking-mistakesEffective networking is a game-changer. It’s the unofficial homework of today’s business professional. Whether entwined within charitable ventures or business or social clubs, professional connections are far more powerful career-builders than the old school resume. It’s not just “who you know.” It’s “who you know who knows who you want to know.”

Most of us can navigate a room of name-tagged citizenry with reasonable success. But in this competitive world, why settle for adequacy? Read on for a few of the ways some networkers relegate themselves to the no-man’s land of unanswered calls and discarded business cards, and how they can improve.

10. You’re Inconsistent

Merging into traffic from a dead stop requires a floored gas pedal and some aggressive maneuvering. It’s awkward and erratic — the antithesis of smooth. Basically it’s the networking equivalent of elbow-grabbing and sudden spiel-heavy pitches. If you come across as someone who seems to network by flipping your on/off switch, that inconsistency is going to render your efforts ineffective and insincere.

View connection as a lifestyle and maintain cruising speed. Set aside time each week to keep doors open with key contacts. Be relational on an ongoing basis, and not just in fits and starts.

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Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan
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