11 Ways to Raise Employable Kids

business class for kidsFamily togetherness is a wonderful thing, until your thirty-year old starts sending drink orders from the basement and commenting at breakfast that it “sure would be nice” if you’d remember to use fabric softener on his t-shirts. Toddlers make for cute anecdotes. An unshaved genius with great potential but no real direction except for the path to your refrigerator makes for awkward moments at neighborhood parties.

So, start now. Potential is but an outline for your child’s future. Fill it in with the life skills that will help him or her stretch and grow and — get a job!

1. Cheerleading

This is not an enjoinder to build human pyramids in the backyard (although you might finally discover the source of all those strange noises over the privacy fence). No, I’m talking about a “rah rah” attitude, a spirit of encouragement and a positive energy.

Can your son celebrate his sister’s academic success without resorting to petty jealousy? And, when he strikes out in the ninth inning, does his sister provide encouragement or, instead, a great imitation of the whiff made by his wayward swing? Effective leaders know how to encourage and motivate others.

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Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan is a writer/advice columnist/author and voiceover/video talent who most frequently covers business, relationship, fitness and travel topics. A dedicated traveler and life-balance advocate, Heather is also a savvy speaker and spokesperson, a skilled communicator who can educate and inspire with a twist of humor. Find out more about Heather here.