12 Ways to Fit in Fitness at the Office

working-out-at-officeHas your gym lock been repurposed for use as a paperweight? While it might be quite effective at holding down all those “must read” memos, it looked better dangling from your gym locker. Remember? The gym? You first wandered in months ago. Hopeful. Resolved. You made promises. Signed papers. And bought a lock.

Sure, it’s tough to fit in fitness. Especially in the dead of winter with crowded gyms full of people clinging to their New Year’s resolutions and temperatures that make working out outside more than a little icy. Not to mention the fact that your job may require extra dedication in tough economic times.  But why not aim for success in both? You have enough challenges in your life. Fitting into your pants shouldn’t be one of them. To fit fitness into your life, it must fit in at work. Here’s how:

You Have to Make Time for Fitness

Tag the time-wasters in your day. Are you continually searching for a working pen amongst a drawer full of writing rejects? Does Bill always call you in to his cubicle for a quick rehash of last night’s softball game? Maybe it’s a slow elevator? Or a slow colleague.

There are ways around time wasting events. Organize your office. Add a few steps to your trek from the elevator and avoid Bill altogether (or at least until after the first snowfall). Reclaim a few minutes you can redirect toward your personal fitness.

Hint: a slow elevator is a good thing if it leads you to the stairwell.

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Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan is a writer/advice columnist/author and voiceover/video talent who most frequently covers business, relationship, fitness and travel topics. A dedicated traveler and life-balance advocate, Heather is also a savvy speaker and spokesperson, a skilled communicator who can educate and inspire with a twist of humor. Find out more about Heather here.