13 Things Your Smartphone Can Teach You

smartphonesBack in the dark ages when cells were molecular and phones were for spoken communication, it may not have been simple but it was predictably segmented. Tasks were sequential, not simultaneous. People could disappear for minutes at a time and emails could languish undetected for whole afternoons when a recipient was off grid.

Smartphone technology created expectations for increased and untethered productivity, because they allow us to engage in extreme multi-tasking. But, how well do you do it? Is your smartphone-ish office efficiency truly effective?

Find out what you can learn from your phone.

1. Make Sure You Have a Strong Signal

Ever tried to order decent take-out from a remote campsite? Or contorted yourself by a window attempting to launch an email from within the confines of a metal walled building? The best ideas go nowhere absent a navigable path.

Business genius minus good reception is like tweeting to yourself. Great ideas need the input of an interested audience. Are you building connections with key figures in your industry via virtual and actual social networking? Updating your LinkedIn profile and actively seeking new contacts and referrals? Growing and maintaining good connections is always a smart idea.

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Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan is a writer/advice columnist/author and voiceover/video talent who most frequently covers business, relationship, fitness and travel topics. A dedicated traveler and life-balance advocate, Heather is also a savvy speaker and spokesperson, a skilled communicator who can educate and inspire with a twist of humor. Find out more about Heather here.