In the beginning … GETDOT was an extraordinarily social networking group that brought together like-minded people in a fun and energetic environment.  We always facilitated the development of friendships through professional relationships and business connections.

-Co-Founder, Chip Ramsey

As we have grown as an organization, we found that we could make a huge difference in the lives of the children in our community by ensuring that each of our events supports a fantastic children’s charity. To date, our members have contributed thousands of dollars to support local children in our community.  In addition, we have collected books, playground equipment and toys to help brighten the day for these needy children.

Mixing a need to network with a desire to help a number of charities, GETDOT was formed in 2006. The idea of a networking organization wasn’t new when Scott Boles and Chip Ramsey formed the non-profit group. But they felt something was missing in those other organizations – FUN.

Armed with a considerable list of people they had done business with, the pair set out to find a better way to introduce people and be a benefit to the community. The idea is simple, have people meet in an atmosphere free of pressure where individuals can get to know each other. The bonds formed in this kind of setting allows for a stronger group and more lasting relationships.

In the beginning the monthly meetings for GETDOT brought 30 to 60 people together to share a unique mix of friendship and business. Now the list of members exceeds 3000 with events bringing together 300 at times. As the numbers grew so has the focus and ability to be a force for good.

The challenge the group faces as it grows is to keep the fun and friendly feel of the organization. A Board of Directors was formed and areas of expertise have been assigned so that no one individual is overwhelmed.

The future of GETDOT is bright. They are determined to stay steadfastly different from other networking associations. They also are determined to do good through local charities. With their focus on fun and helping others…what’s not to like?

Our mission…

GETDOT is an extraordinarily social networking group that brings together like-minded people in a fun and energetic environment that facilitates the development of friendships through professional relationships and business connections. The organization’s goal is to provide funding for children’s charities and ongoing support of the Membership through professional development, education and community service.

Our purpose…

GETDOT’s purpose is to enhance the lives of children/youths through community involvement and organization of charitable events. Our further objective is to encourage the Membership to become active in their own communities both personally and professionally and encourage others to continually take action by helping those less fortunate through the group’s business and networking connections.