Chip Ramsey

January 24, 2017


Join us for our next event, Thursday, February 9th at DeNovo's Bistro & Bar on High, 150 South High Street, Columbus, OH, 43215.
January 27, 2011

GETDOT Approved as a 501 (c)(3)

GETDOT had its beginnings back in 2005 when co-founders Scott Boles and Chip Ramsey assembled a group of friends they had made over the years through professional and business connections one Thursday night after work for drinks. The intent was to provide an opportunity for these individuals to get to know one another and develop friendships that might facilitate their individual businesses. As most of you know, the name “GETDOT” is an acronym for “Good Excuse To Drink On Thursdays.”
July 17, 2010

Featured Member: Chris McGovern

Chris is president, chief salesman, and the primary source for all business transactions at Emerging Marketing. He's got sales in his blood, and business growth in his glands. He creates programs that incentivize, educate, and arm sales teams with laser-focused messages and rock-solid strategy.