Chapel Hill House: A Closer Look for 2018

The GETDOT community will once again rally around families scorched by a horrific scenario. Our July 19th event at Huntington Park will directly benefit Chapel Hill House, an organization providing quiet sanctuary for families grappling with childhood cancer.

Chapel Hill House provides a place for pediatric cancer families to visit, free of charge, so that they may spend a weekend together amongst the healing powers of serenity, relaxation and simple family time.  Now in its 15th year, it has welcomed more than 400 families since opening. And as of May 2018, a new tree house is now available!  This overall experience is important because it makes sure visiting families get a weekend they deserve – without having to pay a dime. It impacts their mental and emotional well-being in an exhaustive battle. Their crazy schedules usually include doctor appointments, treatments, and more.

But getting out to Chapel Hill House ensures time for the family to re-group and bond with one another. This is a place without medical tests, reports, medical treatments, injections, and more. This is a place for quiet evenings, discussions, cozying up together, and creating positive memories – which are crucial at times like these.

Their stay includes:

  • 19th Century School Room
  • Walking Paths through the Woods
  • Yard Games (corn hole, horseshoes, croquet)
  • Stream
  • Board Games
  • Fire Pit
  • Golf Cart (for those who are physically challenged)
  • TV/DVDs

And GETDOT makes a tremendous impact in keeping these opportunities a reality. Funds raised at our July 19th event will be spent completely on Chapel Hill House’s operating costs. No one is pulling a paycheck here, everything done for these children and families are by volunteers.

Jason Joseph, chairman of the Chapel Hill House board of directors, shared his gratitude toward GETDOT and those supporting this important cause.

“Without crucial events like GETDOT’s fundraiser at Huntington Park, we wouldn’t be able to look after these families,” he said.

Thank you to all who make an impact on this important organization and these families in need. Literally every dollar helps.