Do Not Click This Link – 14 Ways to Manage Distractions at Work

dont-clickIs this a good time? We can come back later if you’re in the middle of something. We know dealing with potential distractions can really slice into your workday In a recent survey, 64% admitted to wasting time at the office on a daily basis — and we weren’t counting any staff meetings. It happens. The typical work setting is ripe with potential distractions. Can’t help that.

But we do have a few ideas on how to manage them. Whether it’s a constantly ringing phone or incessantly chatty co-worker, there are work-arounds that actually work. So, if you have a few minutes, read on.

1. Internal vs External

The first step is to determine the source of the distractions. Are they blaring from two desks over, or from somewhere in your head?

The latter may require an out-of-the-office fix. Are personal problems clinging to your hemline in the morning? Consider what steps might help you to leave them at the revolving door. Counseling? A financial planner? The key move is to quiet the things that will drain peak work performance.

Your employer has bought the use of your brain from nine to five. So make sure it’s disengaged from anything else that will burn minutes.

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Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan is a writer/advice columnist/author and voiceover/video talent who most frequently covers business, relationship, fitness and travel topics. A dedicated traveler and life-balance advocate, Heather is also a savvy speaker and spokesperson, a skilled communicator who can educate and inspire with a twist of humor. Find out more about Heather here.