Have You Ever Been to a GETDOT Event? Why NOT?

1911615_600663000015653_410992127_nRecently, a GETDOT member connected with me and requested an introduction to another GETDOT member through LinkedIn. After I made the introduction, I asked how long he had been a GETDOT member. He proudly shared that he was a two-year member, but when I asked which event he last attended, he said that while he appreciates the job posts, discussions and connections within the GETDOT Group on LinkedIn, he had yet to attend an event.  My first thought? “Wow, is he missing out!” And, I promised it would be worth his while to make “live” connections at our next event.

What’s holding you back? There are over 3000 members in GETDOT, but half have yet to make face-to-face connections at a GETDOT function. Unlike so many online networking groups, GETDOT gives you the opportunity to network in real time with like-minded professionals.  That’s a big “value added!” I’ve developed quite a few business relationships, connected people to valuable resources and helped our members and guests find jobs! Our attending members seek to connect people, personally introducing one another, putting the needs of others way ahead of their own.  If you want to meet a GETDOT member on LinkedIn, ask me or any of the other committed connectors at our events—we’re happy to help!

And it’s fun!  Our high energy events include a February Hollywood Casino event, a baseball night at Clipper’s Stadium/Huntington Park in July and of course, our year end event at KDB Easton – all while supporting a local children’s charity! The rest of 2014, we’re hosting events at The Brazenhead in Grandview (March), Average Joe’s in Upper Arlington (April), Yabo’s Tacos in Powell (May), Land Grant Brewery (August), the Firefighters Union Hall/Local 67 (September) and a wine tasting at the Columbus Italian Club (October).

Many of you connect with people in the group online and gather great resources and information off our website, but if you stop there, you’re truly missing out on the best part of GETDOT. How can you truly connect with someone unless you meet them in person? We’ve never been an “in your face” group and strongly encourage our members to get to know someone before discussing business. Then, when someone asks you for your business card, it’s typically a compliment and can be a mutual step toward developing a relationship.

Just think, if you do attend an event:

  • More money would go to children’s charities
  • More people would find jobs
  • You would get involved with some great people while building solid business relationships
  • Developing new friendships

Win. Win. And Win again!

I understand you can’t go to everything, but put some upcoming GETDOT opportunities onto your calendar and plan to attend as many as you can. You won’t be disappointed!

Chip Ramsey
Chip Ramsey
Chip Ramsey is one of the proud co-founders of the GETDOT Networking Group. Along with co-founder Scott Boles, GETDOT was founded on the idea to simply help others both personally and professionally, giving people the opportunity to develop business relationships and personal friendships while helping local children’s charities. Currently, Chip is a Regional Sales Executive at Tailored Management.