Featured Member – Chris McGovern

ChrisColorGrayChris McGovern is a very special member of GETDOT – he was the first to sign on after the founders!

The entrepreneur was invited by Scott Boles to one of the initial events years ago. Only a handful people attended at the time. GETDOT had not yet reached its wild popularity.

“It was a blast then and is even more fun now,” McGovern said.

He married his wife, Cindy, 29 years ago and the couple has two grown kids – Nick and Bridget.

“I have been an entrepreneur all of my life,” he said. “I’ve started, built, bought, lost, invested in or sold a poultry processing plant, button manufacturing company, direct marketing company, restaurants, fulfillment company, real-estate, sales organization, advertising agency and a construction company.”

He founded and is currently the president of Emerging Marketing, a 21-year-old marketing firm specializing in marketing complex products and services on a global scale.

“At Emerging Marketing, we work with companies that are on a turbo growth path,” he said. “We act not only as an advertising agency, but truly as a consultative growth partner for our clients at an executive level. If you know of any medium to large corporations that are starting to plan for growth, let me know.”

He also owns and is CEO of Environmental Remediation Contractor, a four-year-old environmental construction company that cleans contaminated soil and water in five states.

“At Environmental Remediation Contractor, we are on the lookout for large-scale cleanup projects. Whether it’s working in Ohio’s rivers and streams, or cleaning contaminants around them, we’re here to fix the environment. If you know of a development or brownfield cleanup, we excel in that also.”

As far as GETDOT, McGovern has met a lot of great new friends – not just networkers.

“I’m amazed at how quickly people try to help you,” he said. “Once you tell someone what you do, they immediately try and introduce you to someone else who would be able to help you more.”

And he encourages others who haven’t yet ventured to a meeting to give it a whirl.

“This is the least threatening event I do,” he assured. “Everybody is inviting.”

Look for him at the next event!

Chris Alexis
Chris Alexis
Chris Alexis is a writer by nature. By day, he’s a content design specialist at ECOT – Ohio’s first and largest online school. Outside of work, he enjoys volunteering and penning a variety of articles for worthy causes, including GETDOT.