GETDOT 2017: A Look Into The Future

The final grains of sand are falling out of the hourglass. The year 2016 has just weeks left and we’re looking forward to the next chapter.

Let’s wind the clocks back to when GETDOT was first formed. We had a very simple philosophy: friends helping friends. We wanted to make sure everyone was finding the resources they sought – both personally and professionally. And that still holds true.

GETDOT will host a record 11 events in 2017 at some new and fun venues! These opportunities will include six VIP networking events and five occasions where we partner with charities! We always love doing those.

Here’s the lineup . . .

The venues may be subject to change – so stay tuned!

And, of course, we want to say how proud we are of the work accomplished in 2016. In fact, it was this year that GETDOT was able to grasp an astounding lifetime total of $100,000 in donations to child-based charities since we earned our 501(c)(3)!

“Everyone who’s ever bought a raffle ticket, donated an item for a raffle, silent auction, or live auction, or made a cash donation to GETDOT should walk a little taller after hearing that they’ve helped us hit this $100,000 donation milestone,” said Eric Rine, a GETDOT board member. “I’m so proud of the Columbus community because we take care of our own and you can see how important it is to our citizens that we do so. We’ve made some positive changes in 2016 which allowed us to get there several months earlier than projected, and we’re making even more changes for 2017 and beyond. We will continue to work for the benefit of our communities and identify more like minds to help the cause get to our first million in donations!”
Chris Alexis, a fellow board member, agreed.

“This heartfelt desire to help kids in our community is what drew me to GETDOT,” he said. “I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing group of people and love that we’ve helped children and families breathe a little easier in the ways we could. I can’t wait to continue this mission in 2017!”

Happy holidays. We’ll see you next year!

Chris Alexis
Chris Alexis
Chris Alexis is a writer by nature. By day, he’s a content design specialist at ECOT – Ohio’s first and largest online school. Outside of work, he enjoys volunteering and penning a variety of articles for worthy causes, including GETDOT.