GETDOT on 9/11 Raises Money & Spirits

10671290_707976909284261_3377451532885583744_nLast Thursday it was refreshing to make it to my first GETDOT event in a couple months. Indeed, GETDOT is a Thursday thing—and this month that day fell on September 11—I was pleased to see that the venue and the cause were truly fitting.

All in all, GETDOT members raised $1,200 to support Firefighters for Kids. This is due to the generosity of the prize donors (CME Federal Credit Union, the Columbus Firefighters, and Adam Koos and Libertas Wealth Management Group, and Worthington Jewelers), those who donated food and beverages, and of course all the attendees (which I understand was more than 200).

And why wouldn’t we have had great attendance? At $10 for two beers and all you can eat (with each additional beer for only a buck), where else could you go for such a bargain?

The central location (just outside downtown) of this venue proved to be a great attraction even for the multitudes who come from northern parts of town. Several kinds of pizza, wings, chili dogs and other fun food made making just one trip a challenge. All of it donated!

The Buckye-themed helmet received quite a bit of attention—the prize for a reverse auction through which playing cards were sold. The venue provided lots of room to move around, and make new acquaintances, connections and friends.

Of all the events and groups around town (and I think I have seen them all—does that make me a tourist?), it’s perhaps the GETDOT events that I enjoy—and share—the most. Yes, many, if not most, of us are there to promote business, but not to DO business. We don’t come as suits, we come as people.

And frankly, it’s people first that I enjoy working with, and for. If you want to go someplace to meet people who feel at ease to be themselves and not pressured to put up a facade, then I say GETDOT is worth a shot (no pun intended).

Or two (okay, that was a pun).

And I think that’s why it attracts such a wide range of folks, and venues as well. We’ve been to Brazenhead, Huntington Park, Hollywood Casino, and now the Firefighters’ Local 67 Union Hall and Event Center…and with an equally great mix of people each time. That’s why I can honestly say that if you have been to just one GETDOT event, you have definitely not been to them all. In fact, you haven’t even scratched the surface.

Having organized events in the past, I know what an enormous undertaking they are. Thanks so much to the GETDOT leadership, sponsors and other volunteers who continue to create these win-win opportunities for everyone around town.

Keith Luscher
Keith Luscher
Keith F. Luscher is author of the book Prospect & Flourish (now in its fourth edition) creative director and principal of Serve Your Prospects, LLC. He specializes in creative content solutions that help you serve your prospects so they will know you, like you and trust you. He can be reached at