GETDOT Looks Back at 2017

The final 2017 event has long gone silent and another year is about to dawn.

But before people break out into “Auld Lang Syne” and ring in 2018, we decided to look over our shoulders one last time.

Once again, GETDOT made a significant contribution to the community. This year marked a total haul of $23,827 raised for local child-based charities. That figure bumps up our lifetime charity donations to more than $120,000!

“I was proud to see GETDOT continue to host 11 networking events in 2017,” said Chip Ramsey, GETDOT’s co-founder. “We were able to focus on five charity events in February, April, July, September and December — making more for each charity than any given year before. The board’s hard work and dedication made that a reality.”

Everybody also saw attendance balloon – always an exciting development. Of course, this helped anyone in attendance looking to form new connections.

“Through basic networking, social media, and word of mouth from current board and long-time members, we focused on bringing new members and guests to each event,” Ramsey recalled. “We largely focused on the next, younger generation of professionals throughout all industries and our attendance was a reflection of that. Around half of attendees were new at every event and it was nice to see the millennial crowd taking over the events.”

GETDOT President Eric Rine listed several important goals for 2018. This includes setting a year-over-year record for each charity event; continuing to find the right members for each open board position and make whatever changes necessary to leave 2018 with the strongest board the organization has ever had; and optimizing board activity so the right members are working together to put out the best product possible.

Another big goal for Rine and the board: continuing to push up membership and attendance figures to give GETDOT its biggest year yet. Everyone is working toward a minimum attendance of 90 at the VIP networking meetups and 170 at the charity events.

Chris Alexis, who works with the GETDOT board, is eager to see what’s ahead.

“I’m continually blown away by how many people find what they need through both our charity events and networking functions,” he said. “That’s why GETDOT continues to grow and word-of-mouth is so powerful.  This organization makes a measurable, impressive, emotional, and incredibly impactful difference in the lives of so many people. I can’t to see what happens in 2018.”