HERO USA – A Closer Look


This month, GETDOT is raising money for HERO USA and we need your help. The organization provides unique opportunities for underprivileged children, of all backgrounds, to experience various types of outdoor recreational sports through education, support and mentoring.

Michael Bain, president and co-founder of HERO USA, described the ultimate drive of the group.

“One main purpose of HERO USA is to enhance the quality of life for our participants by providing the opportunity to learn basic skills and safe practices for participating in various outdoor sports/activities. Our programs will be offered to schools and community-based youth organizations.”

It makes a big difference.

“By just showing a child that there are alternatives to team sports and other ways to get fit, HERO USA can not only include every child in this program regardless of size, weight, age or athletic ability, but also empower them by building self-esteem and helping them reach their full potential,” he said.

Their weekly program is held at Mad River Mountain.

Bain said the folks within the organization have a “huge passion” for working with kids in these special opportunities. It’s something that wouldn’t normally be within these kids’ grasp.

“We know that for the most part, for many, these activities are not financially an option to even attempt once. Recreational boating equipment and skiing/snowboarding excursions are very expensive,” he said.

Additionally, as technology and society changes, outdoor activities sometimes aren’t an option in everyday life.

“Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years, so teaching children the importance of being active and living a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever,” he added.

And you can even lend a hand in working with these deserving kids.

“Hero USA members can volunteer their time to help children learn to ski and snowboard safely & pass on their knowledge, confidence and passion for winter sports,” he said. “Spend a few hours helping our groups and then the rest of the day is yours to enjoy the slopes with a lift ticket and rental equipment… compliments of HERO USA. Remember: you don’t need to be a professional… sometimes it’s just as rewarding for the kids to learn while we’re learning.”

Chris Alexis
Chris Alexis
Chris Alexis is a writer by nature. By day, he’s a content design specialist at ECOT – Ohio’s first and largest online school. Outside of work, he enjoys volunteering and penning a variety of articles for worthy causes, including GETDOT.