Member Spotlight: Chris Borja

We spoke with Chris Borja, a GETDOT member you will definitely want to meet! He’s currently helping with our Web/Communication committee and assists others to become better networkers! He’s an extremely friendly face who is very approachable at events!

Learn a little bit more in this Q&A, and seek him out at the next GETDOT outing!


Q: Chris! Tell us about yourself!

A: I’m originally from Southern California, but I’ve called Columbus, Ohio home for the last nine years. I’ve been married for 20 years, and have one teenager in high school and one in college.

Professionally, I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember! The problem was that I was always very introverted and shy. Not good for building a business! After 37 years of suffering in silence (literally), I made a decision to take the steps to overcome my fear of public speaking, networking, and social settings.

I now help entrepreneurs, job-seekers, and business leaders to break through their mental barriers, and learn the skills to become a better networker. I believe that better networkers create stronger businesses and connected communities.

My normal week involves connecting people, facilitating networking events, coaching individuals, speaking at local organizations, and training corporate teams.

Between all of that, I enjoy meeting with current friends and new friends over coffee or lunch!


Q: Why did you join GETDOT as a member? First impressions?

A: I’ve been attending GETDOT events off and on for about three years. Originally, I joined because several people had recommended the group in order to help expand my network. My first impression was that it was a group full of friendly and generous business professionals! I loved the fun, casual environment, along with the philanthropic nature of the group.


Q: What made you decide to get involved in GETDOT as a volunteer? 

A: I believe in GETDOT’s cause of networking to benefit children. Working alongside servant-leaders to accomplish this goal is both rewarding and fulfilling.


Q: What are your goals for GETDOT?

A: Over the years, I’ve learned how to build community through live events and through social media engagement. I want to help grow the real-life, and online GETDOT community. This will allow the group to make an even greater impact than it already has.


Q: Last question: What networking advice do you have for GETDOT members? 

A: Get involved! Build relationships and friendships first…the referrals and business will follow.