Member Spotlight: Douglas Ramsey, CFP®

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A:  I’m a West Coast transplant that absolutely loves living in Columbus!  I’ve lived downtown for 13 years and I feel like it’s an amazing time to live in this great city.  There’s so much to do and it’s all close by.  I’m in business for myself and I help manage the finances for a few families and businesses.

I help answer the two most frequently asked questions by our clients:

  1. Am I going to make it?
  2. Do I have any financial blind spots?


Q: Why did you join GETDOT as a member? What inspired you to volunteer?

A:  I found that the organization and I shared some of the same values, i.e. donating and spotlighting charities that focus on children, meeting new people and having fun!


Q: What was the best concert you ever attended?

A:  I’m dating myself here, it would have to be Monsters of Rock.  Also, Lady Gaga was pretty phenomenal.


Q: Who would you most like to swap places with for a day and why?

A:  It would be Stephen Hawking if he were alive.  To experience his profound intellect and understanding of the universe we live in.


Q: For what are you most grateful?

A:  I’m most grateful for wonderful wife and stepson.  They teach me how to be a better husband and stepfather, usually without me asking.


Q: What networking advice do you have for GETDOT members?

A:  Don’t skip any of our events.  You never know who you’ll meet that may become a friend, a client or an employer/employee.