Networking in Columbus

Folks living in the capital city have seemingly infinite connections at their proverbial fingertips. All it takes is stepping out of your comfort zone and into a networking event.

“In my eyes, Columbus is the place to be if someone needs to find employment,” said Chip Ramsey, GETDOT Co-founder. “Columbus is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies …Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health, Worthington Industries and Limited Brands to name a few.”

Open positions sit waiting at every level and job sector, he said. This includes distribution/logistics, research/development, the IT and financial worlds . . . and everything in between.

“There are so many well-connected people in the human resources and staffing and recruiting fields that take networking seriously and are willing to help others find employment and connect people to great resources.”

And there are so many choices here in the capital city.

“There’s a networking group for everyone here in Columbus, whether it’s personal, professional or social. Finding the networking group for you will open up lots of doors,” he said.

Networking is for the employed, self-employed, as well as the unemployed. Everyone can benefit from a connection in some way. Folks can find employment opportunities, potential clients, and more. There’s as much variety as there are people attending.

It’s been fulfilling for Ramsey to see and hear remarkable things occurring within his own group.

“I’ve personally been part of finding someone employment or referring them to someone who is looking to fill a position,” he said. “People have developed business partnerships and have found great resources after coming to a GETDOT event.  GETDOT members are overly friendly and will help those who need it.”

“FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Syndrome,” as he puts it, is what keeps Ramsey plugged into the networking world.

“I always want to meet and talk to good people. They always have a great story to tell…their own! You get someone talking about themselves and they will volunteer a lot of information. Once that happens, I figure out ways to help them or introduce them to someone who can. That’s what networking is all about anyway…helping others!”

Going out of your way to assist a fellow networker comes around ten-fold, he said.

“They will always stay connected to you and somewhere down the road they will help you,
he said. “Both personally and professionally!”

Chris Alexis, a GETDOT board member, has certainly benefitted from networking.

“A lot of people have found employment by making the right connection. But my story is a little different,” he said. “I’ve long wanted to become a successful author. A friend of mine introduced me to one of her friends who had recently published a book of his own. We got to talking and he agreed to actually review my manuscript. On top of that, he connected me to his publisher!”

You never know what’s around the bend at a networking event in Columbus, Ohio.  Connections await.

Chris Alexis
Chris Alexis
Chris Alexis is a writer by nature. By day, he’s a content design specialist at ECOT – Ohio’s first and largest online school. Outside of work, he enjoys volunteering and penning a variety of articles for worthy causes, including GETDOT.