New to GETDOT?

So you’re thinking of joining us for a GETDOT event but you’re not sure what to expect? No problem! Here’s a quick guide to help get you off to a great start with GETDOT!

  1. We serve three major tenets: Networking, Friendships, and Philanthropy. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to attend our events for any of these three, just understand not everyone is there for the same reason(s). It’s best to show up with an open mind and a handful of business cards in your back pocket in case someone asks you for one. Once you visit the welcome table, start by introducing yourself to someone as a first-time attendee; it’s the easiest ice breaker you’ll ever have. If you don’t make a connection right away amongst our friendly group, try someone else. There are plenty of people there. If you come away from the evening feeling as though you’ve made one or two friends, that’s a huge success; now you’ll have something to look forward to at our next event!
  2. This is a happy hour group with 100-250 people letting their hair down after work, and fun tends to get a little noisy. We will also interrupt the fun from time to time with announcements, raffle items, a live auction or to introduce a charity. Fear not, you will be turned back to the event very shortly.
  3. There is NO FEE to be a member of GETDOT, nor is there a requirement to be a member in order to attend. We also DO NOT CHARGE to enter events. On occasion, we have events at places where you may have to pay for parking or pay for a ticket (i.e. Huntington Park), but GETDOT receives none of those funds. Our operating budget comes directly from sponsors.  GETDOT passes along every dollar raised at charity events to the non-profit children’s charity we’re supporting that evening, and our board is 100% volunteer!
  4. You are not required to support any of the charity functions; in fact, you do not have to spend any money.
  5. Try to not be frustrated if you find it challenging to connect right away. GETDOT’s culture allows everyone to connect in a way that is comfortable for them. So many deep, binding friendships have come from GETDOT over the years; some have connected on their first visit while others have taken time to find one another. If you are polite, professional, and patient, you should be quite successful in developing both personal and professional relationships within GETDOT! Relax, you’re about to make friends here!

Eric Rine, GETDOT President & Chip Ramsey, GETDOT Co-Founder