Share Your Voice

bored-audience-510Sure, we’ve all been in the room with someone who just won’t stop talking, whether at work, in a meeting, out in public or among friends. The voice in our head says, “I don’t wanna be that person. I will hold my tongue.”

Yet doing so allows “that person” to continue monopolizing the speaking platform.

Many of us have exhausted simple behaviors such as staring at the floor, looking at our watch, or even clearing our throat. For thoughtful talkers, these behaviors work but for those speakers we get really frustrated with, basically because they appear to care only about themselves and their own ideas, thesepassive actions do no good.

As my mother has told me, “how do I know you what’s in your head if you don’t share it?” This is good advice for most of us. Yet for the timid or unpracticed, the act of sharing means we must suffer through having the spotlight on us.

Well, fellow business owners and service professionals, I learned that in business, if I don’t speak up(during meetings, while networking, at CLE’s or with clients), at the end of the day not only do I regret my actions, my results are dismal.

Read what our barriers/silence means on Merri’s site, Breaking Down Barriers.

Merri Bame
Merri Bame
Merri came to Columbus in 2008 to continue her presentation and communication coaching business, BDB Communication. She now supports attorneys and other introverts who are motivated to speak with confidence in court, while networking, during meetings and with clients.