Thinking Bigger

Lately I have been asking myself if I have been thinking big enough for my business. The answer is a resounding NO! In fact I submit that you may not be thinking big enough for your business either.

So what exactly is thinking bigger? When I looked up the synonyms for “big” I was surprised by the magnitude of some of them such as: far-reaching, impactful, key, vital, critical, crucial and life-and-death. I guess I wasn’t “thinking big” enough!

Bigger Results: Consider who you have been promoting your business to lately. Would you say that most of these people are your ideal prospective customers for big results or are they simply convenient and less threatening than your potentially “bigger results” customers might be?

Bigger Fish: When you really, objectively look at the market there are most likely some bigger fish out there for you. Sure, it might require more effort to land a proverbial big fish. I can assure you that the satisfaction and the bump in your income will make it all worthwhile.

So take a little time to research your market and identify who your biggest prospective customers are. Yes, I said “your” prospective customers.

Bigger Confidence: The first step to landing bigger fish is having bigger confidence. And why wouldn’t you have a lot of confidence? If you have properly chosen your potential customers, and you have a good product or service that they may need, then why shouldn’t they buy from you? I mean you are kind of doing them a favor by making it available to them, right? Walk tall my friend.

Research Your Prospects:  The more you know about them before you speak with them – the better your chances for success. People matter. For instance if you happen to visit his social media pages and find out that he has a lot of pictures of dogs or Corvettes it might be helpful to talk a little about dogs or Corvettes before you go into your business presentation. Just sayin’.

They Probably Won’t Eat You: It might take some chutzpah to get an appointment with a big fish. What’s the worst thing that can happen? They probably won’t eat you or kill you. Probably.

Be a Resource: Bigger fish, sometimes referred to as “500 pound gorillas” can be more discriminating and more demanding. You need to position yourself as their “go-to resource” for what you are presenting. Yes, they are people too and may well work with you if given the right opportunity.

Don’t Ramble! Usually bigger fish don’t have a lot of extra time or patience. After a little warm up small talk, succinctly present your product or service to them and remind them as to why you are their best resource. Then ask for their commitment to the next step such as a buying decision, a follow up meeting, an appraisal or whatever is most appropriate for your business.

Whoever Speaks First, Loses: Once you ask for their commitment, shut up!!!  It can be awkward waiting in silence while someone is pondering a buying decision. In fact, a few seconds can seem like hours – but wait for it. Hopefully they say yes to the dress! When they say yes, be enthusiastically supportive and finalize the sale.

When They Say No: It might not be a good time for them or what you are offering might not be a good fit. You can learn by asking him or her to tell you the reasoning for not moving forward. Maybe you can get back into the sales conversation. Be gracious, thank them for their time and always ask if they can think of someone who would be a better fit for your product or service.

Rejection is inevitable and more so as you set your sites higher. Remember not to take rejection personally. Once again, here is the “SW, SW, SW, N!” mantra: “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Next!”


Kenneth G. Hasty is an award-winning salesperson, speaker, experienced “Fortune 500” sales executive, and the author of the popular book on selling, “77 Seconds to Sales Success”. He has over 10,000 LinkedIn connections and LinkedIn has ranked him in its “Top 10 Management Consultant and Sales Coach” profiles. He is also the co-founder of TriTraction™ “Your Business Growth Experts”.

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