TMI: Coworkers Airing Dirty Laundry on Facebook

dirty-laundryQ: Dear Heather,

I read your recent article on Social Media Mistakes and wonder what you would think of a co-worker of mine that broadcasts EVERYTHING on Facebook and Twitter! She violates at least four of your “mistakes” regularly! Lately she’s posted some really negative and really sad barbs at her boyfriend. I also gather that a couple of friends (or coworkers?) have upset her. I wouldn’t know this but for Facebook as we work in different departments. We aren’t close friends, but we have lunch as a group once or twice a week. Do I pretend I haven’t noticed that her personal life is in a bad place? What’s the etiquette on this?

A: Dear Anna,

While Facebook can be an excellent way to stay connected with friends and family, it can also magnify dysfunctional tendencies and be an easy tool for passive aggressive personalities. As I stated in the article, there’s nothing minor about a venue that can and will impact one’s career. So the question is, do you politely avert your eyes or do you extend compassion to this co-worker with an unfortunate proclivity toward parading what should be private?

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Heather Dugan
Heather Dugan
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